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The Greys (Maz'eh)


There are many different species of ET's who look like the Greys, they come from different places and have separate histories. However, I will focus here on the one particular type of Greys who have a special and important relationship with humanity they are known as the Maz'eh.

The Maz'eh Greys are a race of genetically modified humans originally from a future version of Earth in a separate timeline. In their own timeline, they destroyed their planet through destructive technology before they advanced spiritually enough to realize they were destroying it. They then genetically modified themselves In their attempts to save their species after the planet was no longer inhabitable. Many genetic modifications were done to allow them to live abourd their spacecraft & also to give themselves better technological abilities.


Emotional Dampening:

The Maz'eh found that their emotional body was an impediment to their own technological advancements. In order for a 3rd or lower 4th density being to use many of the inner technologies they must be in a neutral emotional state. Rather than working through & integrating the emotional body, the zetas turned off their emotional body giving themselves access to inner technologies without doing the emotional work that leads to a natural sprouting of unconditional love that many other higher 4th density beings demonstrate. This led to them being stuck at certain level of density.


In the later stages of their evolution the grays became clones of one another, they became so similar to one another that the genders melded and they eventually only expressed one gender.
















Interaction with Current Humanity:

The Maz'eh reached a point where they had genetically modified themselves so much that they could no longer sexually reproduce & were cloning themselves to continue their species. They eventually came to a point where their genetics were failing & they needed an influx of new genetic material. They searched the entire galaxy for a genetic match and were unable to find something suitable. In their travels, they interacted with the Mantis beings who taught them to traverse timelines. This led them to travel back into another version of their own past which happens to be our particular timeline. And because we are a past version of them, our genetics matched what they needed.

Interactions/Abductions & Hybridization Program:

The Maz'eh do indeed interact with/abduct current humans & harvest our genetic material & this has been going on for a long time, however as the Greys have the ability to travel through time they can interact with us in any era of our history. Many channeled entities have said that if we are one of the humans who is abducted/interacting we did agree to have the experience on a deeper subconscious or soul level.























In the Greys efforts to save their species, they have engineered several hybrid races which are mixes of themselves and humans. The timeframe & locations where these races evolve is difficult for us to pin down because again they can shift timelines and the hybrid races have moved into higher density. However we know that there are 5 particular hybrid races who have come from the program & Bashar has said that humanity is eventually going to turn in to the 6th hybrid race. It is a bit of a simplification to say there are just these 5 hybrid species as there were many iterations if genetic change between each type. You could look at it similar to how we have updates to our computer software where there is version 1 then 1.2 etcetera.


Two of the hybrid races that we know of so far did go out and settle a planet of their own, those being the Essessani and the Yah-Yel.

6 Hybrid Races:

Greys (or Maz'eh) 

The Tall Greys (or Maz'ani)

Essessani (or Sas'sani)

Sha Yah-El


Hybrid Children (Shalinya or "The First Ones")


Future Humanity / E’nanni’ka 


Bashar has also stated that in the future there will be a race that is a blend of all hybrids called the Anu’het.

Our Hypotheses:

Being that there are several different types of Greys in our galaxy & also knowing that there are several different types of humanoid ET races much like Earth humans in the galaxy, it may be that the Greys represent a type of evolutionary path which happens to a humanoid species when they resist moving into higher 4th density & in particular resist iegrating their emotional body & embracing unconditional love. That would explain why there is many different species of Greys throughout the galaxy.

Known channeled entities within this species: 
Heera (via Elizabeth Rose)

Sources- Ardif, as channeled by Rob Gauthier 

                  Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka 


This is a famous video of a Grey found in the wreckage of Roswell. Many wonder if it is legitimate, but we thought we'd share because some of you might make the connection. 

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