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UFO Sightings

Ball of Energy

Submitted by Deena R.  from California, United States

1965 in Fremont California I was encountered by a red ball of light bigger than a basketball in a field across the street from my house. I remember telling my sister let's go over to the field. We were walking in the field & saw it on the ground. It came up off the ground about 3 ft. & started hovering in front of us blinking on & off. I couldn't move, it felt like it was studying me, a long time went by, then we were able to look at each other, look back at it then all of a sudden it went straight up in the air & disappeared. I told my story to my 90 year old elder, her husband was in the air force, she said a craft used to land by her husbands tractor all the time but she told me that I was chosen that they choose certain people for whatever reason. I have been on a mission since I was 5 years old & I will never stop. I have had many experiences in my life over the years, I'm blessed with many gifts of my spirit & mind, I AM also Native American. I want to know more about why I was chosen

Green Fireball over Lake- (UFO Sighting)

Edward--Wisconsin, United States

Submitted via Facebook on 8/10/2021

On a lake in Wisconsin at night the lake lit up as a green fireball came through the clear night sky and did an abrupt right angle turn and disappeared very fast. Weird.

Motionless Rock Floating In Sky-(UFO Sighting)

Michael-- California, United States

Submission via Facebook on 8/9/2021

It was about three years ago in Riverside, California. I was walking through a parking lot when there was a mini dust devil type wind that hit the top of a shingled roof. The wind tore shingles off the roof in a 10x10’ area. The sky backdrop was blue with some clouds. As I looked up I saw what appeared to be a large dark gray rock about 700 feet above me. It was motionless as the clouds moved past it. It was there for several minutes.


It’s shape was of a shale rock with sharp layered sides. You might be thinking it was debris from the shingles from the roof, and some were fly around, but all were already fallen to the ground after a minute. But thing stood vary still for four minutes or so. Then it took off in a Eastern direction at a vary high speed.

Flying Saucers - (UFO Sighting)
From reader - Michael
Maine, United States 
Date submitted - 8/7/2021

In the summer of 1966 my father, mother, sister and I witnessed three flying saucers. They were about three miles over the ocean to the southeast of Northeast Harbor, ME. towards the Cranberry isles. The sun was glinting off their hulls and they hung motionless for what seemed like 20 minutes, when the one on the left suddenly sped off in a flash, then the one on the right sped away, and the one in the middle just disappeared. All four of us witnessed them, I'll never forget it,the sun was shining off them like it would off an airplane, but definitely not conventional aircraft. Years later a friend of mine collaborated this sighting. She saw them too from Seal Harbor beach about 5 miles to the east of us looking towards Cranberry islands. I can still close my eyes and see them to this day, (56 years ago) also as anecdotal another friend who was a volunteer fireman in Northeast Harbor told me that he and the a few other men @ the firehouse witnessed what he referred to as " ball lighting " floated through the firehouse the big doors were open and the back door was open to let the breeze come in,( hot summer, no AC back then) it floated in and out the back door. He thought it was ball lightning but there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Rural Sighting - (UFO Sighting)

Blue lights, MUFON

From Reader: Gemma
Kentucky, United States ,
Date Submitted: 8/2/2021

I live in a very rural area on a 106 acre farm, in Harrodsburg Ky. On June 21, 2021, on my farm, I was checking on my cats on my front porch, I saw what initially appeared to be a tall building, similar to what one may see in a down town area. It looked to me to be about 8 stories tall. It did not have windows but the flat surface was black and reminded me of a giant TV screen. There were bright which blue lights across the screen about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom and down both sides from where these lights were to the bottom. After about 10 minutes it moved down my driveway and stopped about 40 ft from my front porch. It moved slowly and without any sound. It stayed in this position for about ten minutes then lifted over some trees and moved across my neighbors bottom land then floated up and over trees that lined the Chaplin river the disappeared over a hill. At one point I ran in and got my I phone but the photo came back black. Since then it has turned red. I reported it to MUFON and a navel base out west.

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