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Earth's 24,000 Year Cycle

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The Yuga Cycle is an ancient Vedic calendar in which the earth & its inhabitants go through tremendous changes according to what region of the galaxy the solar system is traveling through. The sun & another star, which the ancient hindu’s called its “dual“, orbit together around a midpoint. This causes the sun to move closer & further from the galactic center as part of its larger orbit around the galactic core. This cycle, measured by the procession of the equinoxes, takes approximately 24000 years.


According to the ancient Vedas & many current channeled entities, the inhabitants of the earth gain greater knowledge, awareness and achieve a higher state of consciousness when the solar system is traveling closer to the more energy-rich center of the galaxy. And vice versa when the earth is traveling through the less energy-rich outer reaches of the galaxy earth's populace become less consciously aware and lose much of the knowledge they acquired during the periods of higher awareness.


The cycle can be further broken into two 12000 year periods, the half in which the earth is moving toward the center of the galaxy is called the ascending half and when the earth is moving away from the center it is the descending half.

Each 12000-year halves includes 4 distinct ages that are cycled through in ascending or descending order depending on the sun’s (and by extension the planet's) galactic position. The ages are Kali Yuga (the lowest age, called Material Age), Dwapra Yuga ( our current age, called the Energy Age) , Treta Yuga (the Mental Age) & the highest age is called Satya Yuga (the Spiritual Age).

The 8 Ages

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Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga is the lowest of the ages and where humanity is at its nadir. Both ascending and descending Kali Yuga's last for 1200 Years & collectively Kali Yuga is known as the Material Age. Violence, warfare, and slavery are rife in Kali Yuga. The average person in Kali Yuga has a low lifespan, is illiterate & is concerned mainly with material survival. In Kali Yuga past knowledge is often seen as threatening to the ruling class and is actively destroyed, for example, the burning of the library in Alexandria in 48 BCE & the Chinese mass destruction of books in 238 BCE by the Qin Dynasty.



Rural, scattered populations struggling to survive & an elite class dominating those beneath them through violence or threat of violence. Intolerance to different opinions and different ways of life is the norm. Technological advances are minimal or nonexistent.

Average Lifespan:

50 years.

Main Focus of Awareness:


Main Motivations:

Survival & Passive Acceptance of Conditions


Governing Systems

Dictatorships, Monarchies


Economic Systems

Slavery, Feudalism

Kali Yuga Key History

The Roman Empire

The Dark Ages in Europe

The rise of Ghengis Khan

The Caste System in India


Dwapara Yuga

The key feature of Dwapara Yuga is humanity's mastery of the material world through the manipulation of external energies. Technological advancements like the mastery of electricity, powered engines, computers, etc. are evidence of this feature. In Dwapara Yuga humanity's focus remains on the materialistic world and the driving motivations for many people are amassing power and material goods. Violence becomes less prevalent and empathy for others increases. Tolerance of differences in others becomes the norm.



Largely populated cities proliferate & become the main place of inhabitation. Pollution and corruption are rife as the population grows and competes over resources & power. Class inequalities remain problematic, as a few mega-powerful individuals rise. Material conditions & quality of life for the lower & middle classes improve.

Average Lifespan:

150 Years


Main Focus of Awareness:




Self Will, Achieving Power & Improvement of Material Conditions

Governing Systems

Dictatorships, Oligarchies, Republics, Democracies


Treta Yuga 

As humanity's intuition & awareness expand in Treta Yuga & it becomes obvious that consciousness is the fundamental force behind all energy. Humanity shifts its focus from the materialistic world to one's own consciousness that the material world is funneled through. Through mastery of direct intuitive attunement, individuals can access the knowledge stored within the collective consciousness. Technologies become less important as feats that once required a technological device can be done through the power of one's own thoughts. Material objects will be able to be altered or even created through the abilities of one's own mind. Core thoughts and beliefs that are currently hidden deep in our subconscious will become accessible consciously, drastically changing day-to-day life. Telepathic communication begins & empathy for others increases dramatically as suffering can be felt by others. Learning is highly accelerated as thoughts can be shared between individuals.



Violence & wars lessen & become almost nonexistent. Pollution & degradation of the natural environment stops as the natural world blossoms once again. Income inequality & social strife decrease as humanity begins to view itself as one. Cities become less densely populated as individuals have a greater ability to be self-reliant through inner technologies and communication over distances is achieved easily through telepathy.


Average Lifespan:

300 Years


Main focus of Awareness:

Thoughts & Belief Systems


Satya Yuga


In Satya Yuga individuals seek to achieve full self-realization through direct experience of Source/ God Consciousness. Satya Yuga is difficult for current humans to envision as we are ignorant of the inner workings of consciousness & our language does not have definitions for what has yet to be envisioned. Realization of god-consciousness. Motivation to achieve deeper attunement to source/ God Consciousness.



Humanity has no need for industry or farming as weather and the land provides all that is needed naturally. Learning & working toward mastery of full spiritual enlightenment make up normal daily activities. Individuals live as one with each other & the natural world.


Main focus of Awareness:



Main Motivation:

Self-Actualization & greater attunement to Source/Love/God Consciousness, Spiritual Growth


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