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The YahYel

The YahYel are one of the hybrid races. They, in a sense, are humanity in the future, but also this is much more than that. It has been said by some channelers, that the YahYel are related to the Greys and by other channelers, they are more related to humanity. Some YahYel look very similar to us- it is said that they could walk among us and no one would feel jolted by their presence. Some channelers say that YahYel DNA  is a triad of YahYel, Human, Pleadian/Sirian. They originate from a planet that cannot be shared with us yet, as it is premature. Many of them live in a "spacecraft" of sorts that is not near the home planet. 

It is said that they have a wonderful, peaceful community where all support, nurture, and love each other at all times, with no exceptions. Aridif (channeled by Rob Gauthier) has explained that the YahYel are 85% benevolent . (To reference this, humanity is 50% benevolent.) 


They can travel through the past, present, and future at a pace we cannot comprehend yet (but encourage us that we will understand it in our future) and are able to interact with many other ET civilizations. Even though they are, in a way, humans in the future, they are also able to interact with future humans who are even further in the future than us.


They love interacting with humanity and tell us that our hearts are how we can channel them. They are the most interactive of all of the ET types (to our knowledge so far*.) They might be the first ET civilization to make face-to-face contact with humans here on Earth. 

It is said that the spacecrafts seen in what we now call, "Pheonix Lights" belonged to the YahYels. This event happened on March 13, 1997 over Arizona, Nevada, and the Mexican state of  Sonora.

4th Density, early stages of 5th Density, 5th Dimensional 

Cannot be shared yet, will unveil in time.

Known channeled entities from this species (these channelers provided much of the material for this article.)
Bella (via Grita Rose)
Ishuwa (via Shaun Swanson)
Arjun (via Wieteke Koolhof)

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