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The Vequi-Pani (Seed Dancers)

This is another galactic species that comes to us from “The Masters of Limitation” by Bashar channeled through Darryl Anka



The Vequi-panI are small worm or snake like entities who have the ability to combine together with others of their kind to form completely new personalities. In separate form the Vequi-pani are gender-less and identical to one another. However, once combine they can develop a distinct gender, personality & other psychological traits. The Vequi-panI can then split apart and combine again several times in their lifetime. In individual form the Vequi-panI retain memories of the former combined entity.



200 years



In individual form: 3 foot long worm/snake like. No eyes, but do contain several other sensory organs that allow them to see, taste,hear, smell & more


In combined form: consists of 2-10 individuals linked physically & neurologically, starfish/octopus like



Most likely:  2nd - 4th

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