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Time is more fluent and flexible than it appears. According to channelers, time is a multidimensional marker for events rather than a linear progression. 







Snapshots of time


























The best analogy for how time really works is the movie projector analogy. The experience of physical reality is like a film reel going through a movie projector. Each moment in time is a frame of the film; your thoughts, feelings & beliefs are what loads the film & then your human experience is like the screen onto which the movie is played. The interesting question here is, where is the film before it is played into your experience? To this question, the channelers say that every frame--meaning every single moment of experience that ever could happen-- already exists somewhere in the background and must only be selected through the matrix of your beliefs for it to be experienced by you.


This fact is quite mind-blowing and leads to many further unanswered questions such as, was there many separate versions of me who experienced every single iteration of every choice I could have made? Are those iterations part of my soul/current slice of consciousness? Was it really me who experienced those different choices? Or are those non-directly experienced moments more like a compressed file, ready and waiting in the background? Further research is needed for answers here.


However, as you look through this website, we encourage you to open your mind. Humanity is entering the 4th density, so more and more of us are opening our minds. However, we must move at a pace that won't break the world we know. 


Time Travel


Time travel does indeed appear to be very possible & actually very frequently done by intergalactic species. In fact, many species such as the Zeta's and the Essesanni come to us from the future. As you go up in densities, time travel not only becomes easy but appears to be a normal feature of existence.


The day-to-day life of an Essessani being has been compared to what it’s like being in a lucid dream. Essessani's have the ability to experience multiple snapshots of time within a singular frame of reference. These beings have the ability to experience making several different decisions and actually experiencing how they all play out-- but are able to do this all within one frame of an experience.


It’s easy to see how they must have a far greater capability to store information in short-term memory than we do. It’s as if our differences in cognitive abilities are akin to the first computer ever invented versus the computer built 100 years in the future.


When you take into account the fact that consciousness is the underlying framework of physical reality, it’s easy to see how having greater access to consciousness would allow so many more abilities that would then be manifest in physical reality. Such as time travel, FTL travel, dimensional shifting, or communication through a channel.

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