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The Thook


Anka, Darryl, and Bashar (Spirit) (Spirit. The Masters of Limitation : An ET’s Observations of Earth. College Station, Tx, Publishing, 2020.

The Thook are a bipedal humanoid race who live on their planet also known as Thook. It is unknown at this time  just how genetically related to humans the Thook are. 


Humanoid, tall, very slender, large head & eyes with milky blue-grey skin.


Home Planet:

Thook- whereabouts unknown.  The Thook live in cites on their planet’s outer continent, the inner continent has been left in its natural state and is full of large predators. 


Telepathic Defense Mechanism
The Thook have evolved a defense mechanism in which those who look at them in the eyes will suffer short term memory loss as soon as they break eye contact.  This evolutionary device was developed as a defense against the large natural predators who proliferated the Thook‘s planet during their evolution.  The Thook have since taken to living in cities and no longer face this threat.  However their defense mechanism still remains. 

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