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The Hybrid Children
sometimes called Shalinya

Heading 1

The hybrid children are very much connected to human beings. Their DNA comes from us. They were made by the Zeta's in a "program"  to help bridge humanity from 3rd density to 4th density.  They reside in 5th density and by working with us (in the 3rd/4th density) their goal is to meet us in the middle. They are one of the hybrid races created by the Zeta's (also known as Greys or Maz'eh) to save their race after they destroyed their planet-- a parallel version of Earth. 

As wild as it may sound, the Zeta's (Greys) extract our essence from us (both male and female) and make these children with it. The extraction occurs when we are young and they make sure that we have no memory of it in this life--as it might be perceived as traumatic. It is important to remember, however, that we give our consent before we live this this lifetime. 

The Zetas are their care-takers but have a hard time with delivering emotion. Due to this, many of the earliest Hybrid Children did not survive.  The human connection that most of us know (if we have children) plays a huge role in these children's success. 

The Hybrid Children come to us in our dreams and also when we connect our heart center to playfulness and the arts. 


Eventually the Hybrid Children will come to live on Earth and begin to intermix & ,once they become adults, to interbreed with humanity allowing our entire species to further evolve. 

Physical Appearance:
They have a striking resemblance to human beings as they are the most human looking of all the Hybrid races.  This can appear in many variations--some of the Hybrid Children are speculated to look like elves. 


They are of a much higher density than us, however. They are all in the 5th density. They are compassionate and remind us to connect with them through playfulness. Through playfulness of a child, we can all see how simple happiness is. When we realize how easy happiness is to attain, we let go of our ego-based self (which very much describes the 3rd density) and we can begin to enter into 4th density. 

Sources: Interview With E.D.Bridget Nielson (find her website here)

                   Bashar (as channeled through Darryl Anka) (find his website here)

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