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The 13 Densities

Source: Channeled By Ardif through Rob Gauthier, Interviews with Extra Dimensionals 

One of the reasons we find channeled messages so compelling is that different entities say extremely similar information. One topic that comes up over and over again is densities. So many channeled entities tell a similar story of distinct densities of consciousness that exist throughout our universe.


There are several different versions of density scales used by different channeled entities, many scales use 7 densities. However, we like this 13 density scale the best as it includes more precise information about the different densities.

The different density scales do not contradict one another they simply categorize the levels of consciousness differently and so one is not more correct than another.

What are Densities?


Densities are like different modes of existence that consciousness can express, and in each density, there is a separate and distinct type of life cycle. As we go up in densities the capabilities and amount of conscious energy become larger.


1st Density - Existence

1st density is made up of consciousness in the form of basic physical stuff such as minerals, rocks, electricity, molecules, etcetera.  Here we are told that these materials are made up of consciousness but they don’t have any conscious awareness as we do. Think if you were to take your consciousness and split it up into a million smaller chunks, 1 of those chunks may be the amount of consciousness found in a rock.  

Modern science is actually coming around to this point of view with Panpsychism, the theory that everything in our reality has a basic essence of consciousness underlying its existence.  Think of how gravity just exists as a natural force and it is simply accepted as obvious that gravity acts on everything. Similarly, Panpsychism views consciousness as a basic fundamental reality that exists in all things. 

First-density makes up the fundamental building blocks of physical reality.  The key driving force behind 1st density is simply the ability to exist in physical reality. 


2nd density - Instinctual

The second density is made up of bacteria, plants, animals & most lower-level life forms. Second-density beings experience physical reality in a linear fashion similar to third-density however they lack an ego.  Whereby the driving force behind the action in third density is the ego,  In second density this driving force is instinct.


3rd density - Ego Driven

Third-density has been called the most separate form of existence even more so than 1st and 2nd densities.  Third density is where humans have resided for the last few thousand of years until very recently.  Humanity has currently entered the very early stages of 4th density, However, this is not a smooth transition as we frequently jump back and forth between 3D & 4d.  


The ego can be thought of as similar to a scuba diving mask & 3D existence is like the ocean or lake Being traversed.  In order for our higher consciousness to exist here in this linear & separate form of existence, the ego must constantly remind us that we are separate from all others. It achieves this by focusing our energy on the thoughts & emotions of fear, jealousy, pride, competition & survival of the individual; this is opposed to the higher 4D mindset of unconditional love & realization that we are all temporarily experiencing different aspects of the same one consciousness.  Like a diver without a scuba mask, an entity in 3D without such a strong ego would likely not survive long as was the case for some of our great spiritual leaders of the past.  


Jesus is an example of a 4th/5th Density entity in a 3rd density environment.  It is only through the conscious awareness and focused energy of oneness and unconditional love that the great inner technologies we in 3rd density call miracles can occur, such as manifesting your preferred reality and consciously switching timelines.  


4th Density - Unconditional love 

Humanity currently resides in lower Fourth-density,  In 2012 Humanity crossed from third to fourth density. 

5th Density- Mastery of Instant Manifestation

6th Density- Balance, Releasing the physical body

Bashar of the Essassani & Ardif are examples of 6th density beings. 

7th Density- The Oversoul/ Planetary Collective Consciousness 

The collective consciousness of Planet Earth is a 7th density consciousness. 

8th Density- Stellar Collective Consciousness

9th Density- Partial Galactic Collective Consciousness

The Arcturians are 9th density Beings 

10th Density - Complete Galactic Collective Consciousness

11th Density- Universe Collective Consciousness

12th Density- Collective of the Multiverse - The God Brain

13th Density- Pure Source Energy

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