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This rendering of TReb Bor yit -NE is kindly borrowed and used with permission from Rob Gauthier (who channels Treb). Find his website here

Reptilians represent primal fear to humans which explains the proliferation of conspiracy theories about evil reptillians. In reality, there exists a spectrum of reptilian beings-- some more embracing of the negative and some the positive. It all depends on the particular species.


2nd through 6th


Reptillians have a shell which causes them to quickly put up a wall of fear and aggression.  However, once the species has learned to overcome that wall they have a capacity to extend great love.

An example of a higher density benevolent Reptilian being is TReb Bor yit-Ne-- an entity channeled by Rob Gauthier.


A startling feature of TReb is his immense loving nature. TReb is such a delightful being that he will truly make you feel loved and accepted (which goes against all mainstream conspiracy theories that make an immediate judgement of Reptilians.) Watch a video of Treb being channeled here.


TReb explains that he is a Human-Reptillian Hybrid who comes from when humans eventually combine their DNA with that of a reptile. These beings reside in harmony in the star system of Capella. TReb, in particular, lives on a star called NE (which is a part of his name) within this star system. 

Just like here on Earth, there can be what we perceive to bad human beings and what we perceive to be very good human beings. The same is true for the Reptilians.

Our Hypothesis:

When a planet is left to evolve on its own and is not interfered with by higher intelligence ET's, a variety of life forms can take root. Reptillians appear to be one of the earlier types of lifeform and take a longer amount of time in physical reality to achieve higher densities. Therefor, there may be a higher concentration of Reptillian species in high 3rd density where some of the more ”negative“, to our human perspective, aspects of physical reality can take place.


However, in looking at human behavior on Earth it’s clear we are capable of great evil as well. With that in mind, it makes little sense to categorize an entire type of life-form as benevolent or evil. How many humans do you know that have a tough exterior (or shell) but have a beautiful heart deep down? These beings truly remind us to not judge a book by its cover. 


Look deeply into the eyes of a turtle, you will feel a great love beneath once you get past the turbulent exterior.

Known Channeled Entities Within Species:

TReb Bor yit-Ne (via Rob Gauthier)

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