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Many higher density ETs teach us that Linear time is an illusion of physical reality. This preposition leads us to the question , do past lives really exist? Bashar discussed this topic at a recent talk and explained that we don't have past lives in the way we currently think of it. Rather all of our past and future physical incarnations are made of separate, smaller pieces of our larger over-soul and all of these incarnations are happening simultaneously.

"The oversoul extends itself into different souls, each of those different souls create their own physical and higher mind... - Bashar


Reincarnation A Deeper Explanation

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Bashar explains that energy connections exist between all of these different aspects of the oversoul and that you can connect with them whenever it is relevant to you.  This is why many people claim to have lived past lives as the same historical person because we have the ability to connect to any person's past, present, or future.

According to channeled entities, the Over-soul is a collective consciousness made up of thousands of (human consciousness sized) souls. According to Ardif, channeled by Rob Gauthier, there are 144,000 over-souls that makeup Earth's human collective consciousness. So if you were to split your current consciousness into several smaller pieces and they then formed their own individual entities, you then would be like the over-soul of those smaller pieces. The actual Over-soul is the same but on a much, much larger scale.


If 144,000 oversouls are incarnating on earth, this implies that many of us humans have to be sharing the same oversoul! So IF we do come back into physical reality, in any way, to experience existence from this human perspective again, we must experience a different aspect of the oversoul with a different higher mind & soul.


So in another human experience, I might have a piece of the oversoul that you currently have or that anyone else currently has. If this is the case, we are all sharing & mixing different aspects of our consciousness with others in our oversoul every time we come back and have another experience from the human perspective. It truly elucidates how we really are all ONE consciousness.  

"This energy connection that exists between all of the physical personalities that are going on simultaneously allows you to extract information, experience,... guidance like a giant cosmic internet."

Bashar - Reincarnation A Deeper Explanation. 

"The spacetime filter that is imposed in physical reality makes it seem as if the same soul is living incarnation after incarnation but the truth is these are different souls, different extensions of the oversoul, each of which is having its own physical experience."

Bashar - Reincarnation A Deeper Explanation. 

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