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You Have An All Season Pass to Your Life & Here is your Activation Code

Something that a lot of us do is allow ourselves to believe that we are not worthy, in some way, to experience all that this life has to offer. We can be our worst enemies.

Maybe you believe that you are incapable of the life you want-- maybe you believe you don't make enough money. Or, maybe you believe you are incapable of deeply falling in love. Maybe you feel deep shame about something you did or didn't do and you believe you need to punish yourself. Maybe you believe you are overweight, or underweight. Maybe you believe you aren't beautiful. Maybe you just got divorced and you believe you will never find love, or self-love again. Maybe your family doesn't want anything to do with you. Maybe you have unhealthy family members who weigh on your soul. Maybe someone close to you passed away and you believe you need to be sad to grieve. These beliefs weigh on us, hard, but they are simply just beliefs.

Regardless of your situation, your life is happening. It's not just happening, it's happening NOW and every moment you spend worrying about all of the things you aren't is a moment you can never get back. You have to stop looking at these things like they are working against you-- let the rubber band snap and let those things take you to the other side. Bashar refers to humans as the "masters of limitation" (but makes sure to point out that this is not derogatory.) One day you will reside up in the stars and this life will be behind you-- and the same is true for all of those who cause you pain. Once we leave this world, I'm pretty sure any humanly drama will look ridiculous.

I know you have a lot on your plate, friend, and whatever you believe is holding you back-- shouldn't be one of them. If there is anything you learn from the channeled messages that we share here on this website, I truly hope that you realize how loved you are. I'm not talking about love between other humans or yourself (although those things are very important to our happiness)-- I'm talking about the fact that the whole Universe is behind you-- if you change your energy to allow it to be behind you. When you realize this, you will begin to experience synchronisities that will align you with people who compliment you (and you compliment them.)

You control your life with your belief system. When you choose to separate yourself from the beliefs that there are things holding you back, you get an activation code. This code allows you to manifest whatever it is that you have been wanting to manifest. It also allows you to begin to magically see all of the things you've manifested that have come to be. Gratitude is the easiest way to begin this process-- look around and see all of the magical things that have already happened to you.

So, show up for the things that you once dreamed of that you now have. Show up for your life like you paid for a season pass to it-- and you want to get your "money's worth". Make the shift happen in your own life. This might look like an obstacle, but it doesn't have to be. Remember that because of the time we live in, the transformational life, we have the power to shift our beliefs. When we do this, magical things can happen.

Take care of your bodies-- drink plenty of water, exercise (in the way that best fits you... hiking, in your living room, at the gym) and take time to meditate. Do not be afraid to do the things that scare you (in the healthy sense)-- jump at them. Take your leaps of faith-- no matter how small you might think they are. Follow your excitement, no matter how crazy it looks. (Do it all within your life's boundaries, of course. Respect every aspect of your life that you are currently obligated to.) But, don't be afraid to challenge your personal limits. Don't be afraid of failure. Just like an amusement park, get back on that ride and try again.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau, live deeply and suck all of the marrow out of life. Your activation code for activating your season pass is within yourself-- you just have to believe it is activated and watch the magic begin to happen.

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