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Top Government Officials Begin to Confirm What Channelers Have Been Saying for Decades

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Two highly respected top Defense Department officials--one from Canada and one from Israel-- have recently made media headlines after releasing strikingly similar information regarding alien life. Both men are highly decorated govermental leaders who were in the upper echelons of their goverments; each of them were in positions to know these secrets.

Haim Eshed, age 87, was formerly the security chief of Israel's space program for the last 30 years. He has been called the father of Israel’s space capabilities.

Eshed says that there is a “Galactic Federation” that certain elements in governments have been communicating with. He goes on to say that the extra-terrestrials want to reveal themselves but they feel “humanity is not ready” due to our prevalence of violence & wars.

Across the pond, former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer is reporting a similar story. Hellyer reports a nearly identical story-- there is a Galactic Federation and that humanity was denied entry as we are too violent & unequal.

What both Eshed and Hellyer report matches up precisely with what top channelers have been saying for decades. The narrative of both whistleblowers agrees directly with that of channeled entities like Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) & Ardif (channeled by Rob Gauthier) who claim that the ETs of the Galactic Federation are more spiritually advanced & allow unconditional love to inform all of their decisions.

This narrative also fits in with the behavior of UFO’s. For example, UFO’s deactivating nuclear weapons sites & zero reports of UFO’s behaving in a hostile manner.

The truth is that these two whistleblowers are actually correct, yet sadly they have received nothing but ridicule from the media.

The message delivered by ETs is a positive one; they preach unconditional love, equality, peace, and respect for each other and nature (our home planets). This message is problematic for many of the elites at the top of our government & corporate power structures as it threatens their power and profits. If unconditional love informed all of our decisions, we wouldn’t have a society where the abundance created by our combined labor is reserved for a small class of elites to enjoy.

When ET’s do decide we are ready for them to make themselves known officially, it will be a massive victory for everyday regular folks. ET civilizations will represent a glaring and unavoidable example to our elites that peace, unconditional love & equality is the definitive way to build a better society.

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