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The Different UFO's & the Alien Species They are Piloted By

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

This information is hypothesized based on the info given through channelled entities. The popularity and evidence in favor of channeling is growing and we see it as one of the great next frontiers of human discovery. There is already peer reviewed evidence indicating PSI phenomenon such as precognition, telepathy & remote viewing are real. (Read more about the current science of PSI, in "Supernormal" by Dean Radin, here.) Those two points alone tell us there is much more to consciousness than we once thought possible. If we have the ability to communicate with one another through consciousness it isn't that far fetched to think that a much more advanced being would have a greater level of skill in communicating directly through consciousness.

There are several different types of UFOs out there that witnesses report seeing. As you would imagine different alien/ET species would use different types of crafts. In this post we are going to take a look at which species uses which particular craft. Some of these crafts are manufactured & some of the more advanced types are actually grown. Even more interesting is that many of the crafts are so complex that they can be considered conscious themselves. They are then telepathically linked to the pilot, this is why the crafts may not have any buttons, levers or any steering mechanisms at all on the inside.

Different UFO Types going from less advanced to more advanced:

1. First up, the prototypical Flying Saucer

Image: Roswell Daily Record, July 8, 1947

According to channeled entities the Flying Saucer or disk shaped UFO's are used by the Grey's and certain Pleadian races. This is the type of vehicle that crashed in the famous Roswell incident, & we think that the particular ship that crashed in Roswell was piloted by the Grey's. Read everything we've gathered on the Greys, so far, here.

According to eyewitness reports there were actually 4 Grey's in the crash, 3 of whom died in the accident, and 1 survived for several years while in the custody of the American Military, More details about that incident can be found in the book The Day After Roswell.

Reports also indicated that the inside of the Roswell craft contained no input devices for steering or to control any other functions, this leads us to believe that the craft was telepathically linked to the pilot, this method of navigation seems to be the norm for UFO's.

2. The famous Tic Tac UFO spotted by the American Military

Image: Department of Defense, via AP (Image originally obtained by the New York Times)

Recent channeled messages indicate that the Tic-Tac shaped UFO spotted in the image above is similar to ones piloted by The Shalinya, also known as the Hybrid Children. Read what we have on the Hybrid Children, so far, here. The Hybrid Children live aboard a ship orbiting Earth and they use these Tic-Tac shaped vehicles to observe earth & to travel to bases they have on the planet. These bases are in areas that are undetectable to humans, such as under the ocean floor. The vehicle has this particular shape so that it can more easily travel through the water, although it most likely has a force field or gravity shield around it as well.

The Hybrid Children are the most human of all the Hybrid ET's and once open contact is initiated they are planning to live openly on Earth with humanity. They are currently using these vehicles to observe the planet and get used to earth's frequency & inhabitants.

Image: UFO sighting over a military base submitted to Mufon

3. Triangular Craft

Image: Newcastle Herald-- A triangular shaped UFO appears over New Lambton Heights (Australia) in 1999.

The Triangular type of UFO's come in several different types, the one pictured above looks very similar to an Essessani ship. Bashar, one of the most well-known channeled entities reports that these crafts are made of a crystal-like material that is grown on a force field. The crafts themselves are of a sufficient level of complexity that they are able to express consciousness. We would call this artificial intelligence, however Bashar explains that artificially intelligent devices are capable of expressing real consciousness so long as they are sufficiently complex. Similar to the other craft on this list these UFO's are navigated through a telepathic connection between the craft itself and the pilot.

Navigation: These ships have the ability to change their frequency, allowing them to directly shift through time and space. This ability to change frequency allows the craft to seemingly disappear and reappear at will. In actuality the ship is shifting its location in time and space by changing its underlying frequency.

Another Type of Triangular Craft is the UFO's of the Yah'yel. These are the UFO's seen in the Pheonix Lights over Arizona, Nevada and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997.

Image: USA Today

Image: Taken by an observer of the Pheonix Lights on March 13, 1997

4. Light craft, orbs, or no craft at all (commonly seen as "balls" of energy)

Image: cell phone photo provided to BBC News, image provides detail on balls of energy seen over Brisbane, Australia

Image: The Catholic Universe, May 26 2021

These "crafts" are made of energy, rather than solid matter as we know it & the beings that visit Earth in this manner may be closer to spirits than physical beings. We hypothesize that the beings using these crafts are the Arcturians or ET's that are of a much higher density than us. (Read what we've gathered on the Acturians, so far, here.) The majority of ET beings come here simply to observe, if they feel the need to check in. They are able to do this purely with their energy. To us, it might look like a ball of energy or light. Or, we simply might just feel this energy.

*We are all learning and while we try to provide you with the best information, feel free to contact us! We are putting together pieces of a grand puzzle and all of your feedback is welcomed.

*Additionally, we were inspired to do this article after hearing channeled information from Bashar. Please check out Darryl Anka's website here.

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