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Bob Lazar’s Up Close Description of Area 51's Extraterrestrial Craft

The Craft

During Bob’s time at Area 51, he only saw the craft on two occasions. On the first occasion, Bob only saw the craft and did not enter it. He reports that it was seamless, not metallic, and entirely made of a single unknown material. There was an American flag affixed to the side of the craft in the typical backward military style.

Bob was tasked with working solely on the power and propulsion components of the craft. Most of which had previously been separated from the craft long before he joined. The scientists working on the project were segregated into teams, and they were never to speak directly. All of this was to improve security.

Bobs Story

Area 51 is at the heart of extraterrestrial lore. Even for those who don't know much about this subject, Area 51, the top-secret military research base located in Nevada, you've most likely at least heard of it.

In his recent book, Dreamland, Bob Lazar discusses how he lost favor with the management at Area 51 and eventually became a reluctant whistleblower.

Lazar is an actual, verifiable nuclear physicist. He says he was assigned to reverse engineer an extraterrestrial propulsion device from a flying saucer UFO over 30 years ago.

According to Lazar, in the late 1980's he was hired to work at Area 51 by the private corporation PG&E. They were looking for a nuclear scientist for a project under the umbrella of naval defense intelligence. It is not disputed that Lazar had previously worked under the DOD at Los Alamos military base, so he was familiar with the military's hiring process for civilian scientists.

After a lengthy process of background checks and obtaining security clearances, Lazar was finally "read into" the specifics of his job at Area 51.

Upon arrival at the s4 site for the first time, Bob's handler, Dennis, led him into a small briefing room. Dennis handed him several stacks of folders full of documents and locked him in the small room to familiarize himself with the project for several hours.

The Briefing Documents

The foot-high stack of documents explained, in dry government-speak, that the US government possessed a craft of non-terrestrial origin. The craft included a propulsion system that functions using a non-understood form of anti-gravity technology. The design included a reactor (power generator) and several gravity wave emitters arranged in a particular way so that the gravity wave could focus in any direction around the craft. It would be his task to make gains in understanding this propulsion system so that the government could reverse-engineer it.

Lazar alleges the briefings also explained that the craft originated from a planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system. Those who built the craft were described as "a race of small humanoid extraterrestrials with large heads and eyes with an average size relative to the size of a 6-year-old human child."

The briefing documents included a picture of just the torso of one of the beings. An incision ran through its abdomen in the photo, indicating that someone had performed an autopsy.

Remarkably, the autopsy notes explained the being had just one large organ inside its body, rather than multiple organs like the body of a human being.

The autopsy indicated that they either crash-landed or the military shot the craft down.

When Lazar initially read these briefings, he didn't believe it. He thought this information was a test to judge his reaction and measure his suitability for the position. But, they would convince him soon enough.

The Reactor and Emitter

After Lazar read the briefing material, Dennis introduced him to his partner, Barry, and the Propulsion Lab. This is where Bob would spend the vast majority of his time Sitting in the room were two innocuous-looking items. Barry told him these were the reactor & emitter. The reactor was about the size of a toaster and the emitter about the size of a garbage can. Barry enthusiastically showed Lazar the power of these devices.

Barry inserted a small disc of a metallic looking substance into the top of the reactor. He then took a golf ball and threw it in the direction of the emitter. Upon entering the field of the emitter The golf ball immediately flung up into the ceiling. the ball was repelled by the gravity field created by the emitter He then gestured for bob to try to walk in the direction of the emitter. As soon as Bob‘s body approached the field he was repelled similar to how one magnet repels another magnet.

What is gravity, and how is it produced naturally?

Humanity’s current understanding of gravity is based on Einstein s theory of relitivity and it postulates that gravity is the result of the curvature of spacetime. The idea is that extremely large objects like planets and stars litarally bend the fabric of the universe into a funnel of sorts that other surrounding objects like people and airplanes experience this as gravity.

So is it even possible to bend spacetime in the way an extremely large object like a star or planet would?

According to the famous Mass Energy equivalence equation, E=mc2, Mass and energy are fundamentally the same, just in different forms. So if you could bottle the amount of energy equivalent to the mass of a planet and then release it in a controlled fashion, theoretically, it could be possible to manipulate gravity. However, the amount of energy needed would be immense. Here is a quote from bob explaining the power needed to create the field.

The toaster-sized reactor that powered the craft required a power output similar to all the energy produced on planet Earth. And yet somehow, this device produced no heat, noise, or discernible energy lost to entropy. In other words, the reactor & emitter appeared to function completely efficiently. It was this reactor that the military was the most interested in understanding & for good reason. Any country that could duplicate this seemingly clean & free energy technology could massively improve the quality of life on earth or subjugate its enemies with ease.

How did a species with this level of technical skill crash land?

Seems quite unlikely that they would be unable to prevent a crash. However, we know that the greys are far less emotional than human beings & channelers have even described them as behaving similarly to an ant colony or beehive. With this in mind, they may not care as much about losing some individual lives if the greater good for the colony is achieved.

Given the reports that several Grey beings were found among the wreckage I find it unlikely that this vehicle was given as a gift to humanity. In my opinion, the most likely reason for the crash was a malfunction or that the US military was able to shoot it down. Also interesting is that the Grey's did not attempt to retrieve the bodies or the craft itself. Given their level of technical skill, they would certainly have the ability to take the craft back if they wanted, but they are sticking to their non-interference protocol. This is further evidence that the grays are not hostile to humans.

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