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Are Extraterrestrials Responsible for the Explosion of the Human Brain Size?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

And would we all still be cavemen if they hadn't? Ancient clay tablets and channeled messages from extraterrestrials tell a much different story than the current scientific theory.

How did the most complex organ in the history of planet earth change so significantly so rapidly?

According to many channeled entities, the human race did not evolve on this planet naturally. They do not tell us that evolution isn't real or didn't happen, just that we were unnaturally moved forward at a point in our ancient past.

As the story goes, humanity was engineered through genetic manipulation to our ancient hominid ancestors by a group of extraterrestrials who we now call The Annunaki. This genetic engineering was done approximately 500 - 300 thousand years ago when Earth was inhabited by our hominid forbearers, Homo Erectus, who lived 1.8 million - 100,000 years ago & our slightly more evolved cousin Homo Heidelburgensis who lived 700,000 - 200,000 years ago. Prior to the Annunaki's arrival around 500,000 years ago, these were the most intelligent human-like species on Earth. Think something similar to Bigfoot. The theory states that once the Annunaki tinkered with our DNA they effectively sped up what would have been our natural evolution by millions of years.

The most profound of the channeled entities, Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka), tells us that The Annunaki were a small group of giant human-like beings sent to Earth by the leaders of their civilization on a mission. The environment of their planet was struggling and they needed gold and other minerals from Earth in order to mend the dying planet. One of the theories about gold's significance is that if you spray minuscule gold particles into the atmosphere it will reflect sunlight and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The fact that the Annunaki's planet was in such turmoil leads us to believe they were not as advanced as many ETs visiting earth today. We believe they did not have faster-than-light travel and likely took multi-generational ships to traverse the vast distance between stars. This means that they were most likely coming from a nearby star system, most likely the Sirius system. Many researchers, such as Zacharia Sitchen, believe the Annu come from an undiscovered planet called Nibiru, which they believe orbits our own solar system in an extremely elliptical orbit. This theory is unlikely, however, because any planet that far from the sun would be much too cold to support our kind of life.

Once on Earth, this expeditionary group of ET's soon realized that mining all of these minerals was beyond the capabilities of their small group. Their solution was to genetically modify the primitive hominids of the time, Homo Erectus or Homo Heidelburgensis, and use the resulting people as a workforce. According to channeled entities, this was done between 300,000 to 500,000 years ago. This timeframe lines up with what science calls the explosion of brain size in early man. The earliest Homo sapien fossils date back to around 340,000 years ago.

Note the massive differences between H.Sapiens and all other Homo species

Image: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc

There are many questions surrounding the evolution of current Humans or Homo Sapiens. One perplexing mystery is that the evolutionary gap between primitive hominids (Homo Erectus, Homo Heidelbergensis) & Homo Sapiens is so massive that it should have taken several million years and several different iterations of proto-homo sapiens for modern man to have naturally evolved out of Homo-Erectus or Homo Heidelbergensis. However, what the fossil record shows is that modern Homo Sapiens appear in Africa around 300,000 thousand years ago.

Interestingly, there are several other hominids more advanced than Homo Erectus who show up in the fossil record at about the same time or after the appearance of Homo Sapiens-- the Neanderthal man and The Denisovans. These Hominid species were more evolved than Homo-Erectus but less evolved than Homo Sapiens, however, they are not believed to be our direct ancestors because their fossils date to the same time or after H. Sapiens, whereas if we evolved directly from them they would be dated prior to us. Scientists currently believe that these other hominids separately evolved out of Homo Heidelburgensis on a different branch than Homo-Sapiens.

There is a logical rationale for Neanderthals if we take the view that modern humans were engineered by ET's out of Homo Erectus between 500-300 thousand years ago. If this was the case then multiple genus Homo species (H.sapiens, H. Erectus, H. Heidelburgensis) would have co-existed with one another for many thousands of years. Thus, they could have interbred with one another and the resulting offspring may have been something just like the Neanderthals. According to new genetic research, scientists think that H. Sapiens & H. Erectus did in fact interbreed & we already know from genetic research that H. Sapiens & Neanderthals interbred as well.

Ancient Sumerian Representation of the Annunaki (Image: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc)

According to Bashar, the decision to genetically alter Earth's primitive hominids and effectively create humanity as we know it was done by just the group of Annunaki who came here, not their entire race. When the "higher-ups" realized what had been done, they were upset & recalled those who made the decision to tinker with our genetics and they then felt that they had a moral duty to keep an eye out on humanity to guide us. They basically looked at it as though what happened had happened, and it wasn't intended, but they had a responsibility to help out when needed.

While it does seem that the Annunaki came here with negative or, in the best view, ambivalent intentions towards the earth and her inhabitants, we must remember that there are good and bad ET’s-- benevolent and non-benevolent-- and just like humans they are capable of changing. If they really did alter our genetics to turn us into their slave-like workers, they also made us more intelligent beings thus allowing us to eventually become the dominant species on the planet.

Where have the Annunaki been since the creation of humanity?

Channeled entities tell us that the societies of the Series system have ascended higher in density since the times of the original Annunaki (read more about densities here), which means they now allow unconditional love to guide more of their decision-making. This means they are probably more respectful of humanity’s free will than they once were. They are likely watching us from a distance and only interfering in positive ways (like making sure we don’t engage in nuclear war).

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