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The Pleadians

Source: The Golden Lake, Wendy Kennedy

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This rendering of Aridif is kindly borrowed and used with permission from Rob Gauthier (who channels Aridif). Find Rob's website here. Aridif is an ancient Pleadian. Aridif currently resides in Deneb, although he originated in the Pleiades. 



The Pleiadians are descendants of the Lyrans.  There were 2 different groups of Lyrans that settled in the Pleiades. 

The first was a group of Lyrans who originally settled on Ancient Earth in the Scandinavian region. While on Earth, these Lyrans used early humanoid DNA to acclimate themselves to the planet.  This group of Lyrans then left earth for unknown reasons & moved to the Pleadies where there was an existing colony of Lyrans already in place.  These two groups came together to form what we know of today as the Pleiadians.  


Note - There are several different species, planets & even stars in the Pleadies region,  Therefore, the Pleiadians are a generic name for multiple types of ET species.  Further research is needed. 


The Pleiadians are highly loving, compassionate, sharing and sensitive. They had a tendency to embrace the positive too much & had to teach themselves to look at the shadow in order to ascend to higher densities.  


The Pleiadians were able to shift into higher 4th & 5th Density only after conquering their inability to look at the negative.  In their world, a plague was created due to their species inability to look at the shadow. Their society had to learn to validate & integrate the negative as well as the positive emotions in order for their healing to occur.   


Density Level:

5th & Above 

Pleiadian Wisdom for Humanity: 

Healing will only occur once we stop running from our negative emotions,  we must embrace the shadow and integrate it.  Only then can we move beyond the negative into the  

In moments of suffering be grateful for the negative emotions as they act as indicators allowing us to see that a change is needed in our lives.  This gratitude for the negative along with a healthy amount of self-compassion & self-love will act as a doorway to positive change.  

Sources & Known Channeled Entities within this species:

Aridif (as channeled by Rob Gauthier)



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