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Sirian Race

The Nommo are a race of ET's from the Syrian star system, they are Amphibian Aquatic humanoids. The Nommo interacted with many ancient cultures on Earth including the ancient Egyptian & Sumerian Civilization.  They are friendly and have been mentors to humanity.

Interaction with the Dogon Tribe


The Dogon Tribe of Africa still holds rituals and folklore surrounding their interactions with the Nommo.  Some believe the Dogon tribe is an offshoot of ancient egypt.  

 In Dogon Folk art depictions the Nommos appear as beings with humanoid upper torsos, legs/feet, and a fish-like lower torso and tail. The Nommos are known by the Dogon Tribe as “Masters of the Water”.  

Home Planet 

Xylanthia - Oceanic World, Permanant sunlight as the planet has 3 stars orbiting it. 

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