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Ancient 10-Step Meditation for Manifesting Your Ideal Future Self

The act of channeling is when a person enters a semi-meditative state and acts as a receiver for another entity to communicate through the consciousness of the channel.  The entity forms a telepathic link with the channel and they form a sort of third entity for a short period of time which is a blend of the two consciousnesses.   This allows the spiritually & intellectually advanced entity to use the language center & knowledge of the channel to communicate with us using our own language & axioms.   Channeling done this way dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and most likely began long before that.

This meditation comes from a little-known channeled text available on Amazon Kindle, The Great Human Potential by Wendy Kennedy and Tom Kenyon.  The Channeling is from The Hathors, a group of interdimensional intergalactic beings who have been interacting with humanity since ancient Egypt. They are channeled by Tom Kenyon.  I have personally tried this mediation out and I find it to be extremely worthwhile.   I know manifesting can sound shallow but I believe there is something to it. Top athletes have been using something similar for a very long time in the form of visualizing.  There have even been scientific studies that demonstrate improved performance after using visualization.   

The following are the Hathors ten steps to manifest your ideal future self:

Step 1.  Think of your preferred future self and be specific.  There is power in the details, so you want to be specific.  You can even take out a notebook and write down all the little details. 

Step 2. Place your awareness in your solar plexus chakra.  Refer to the chart below to figure out where it is located on your body. It is important to really direct your awareness to this location of your body.  Think about how it feels. Center your awareness on this feeling.

Step 3. Visualize yourself inside of a sphere the size of the universe & place your solar plexus in the exact center of the sphere.  The Hathors call this The Sphere of All Possible Realities.  According to the many-worlds theory of quantum physics, there exist infinite versions of yourself.  Visualize picking out your ideal self from all possible self’s that exist in the Sphere of All Possible Realities.

Step 4. Imagine your preferred future self now in front of you, they can be at whatever distance feels comfortable for you. Usually, 10 - 30 Ft away.  Remember specifics matter, think about exactly how your future self looks, how they think, where & what they are doing.  The more specific the more powerful the link you are creating.  I find it helpful to look into the mirror at myself prior to this meditation to get a better idea of what I look like to help with the imagery.

Step 5. Visualize a line running directly from your solar plexus connecting to the solar plexus of your future self.  This is the energy bridge between the two versions of you. 

Step 6. Next imagine downloading the energy of your future self to your current self through the line connecting your solar plexus, just like a computer receives a download.  You are now receiving the energy that your future self has. Remember, the future version of yourself actually exists in an alternate reality and you are creating a link between your consciousnesses. 

Step 7. Allow the sphere of all possible realities to open up and show you more specifics of your future self.  Imagine the sphere morphing & unwinding to reveal more details of your ideal self.  

Step 8. Add the emotion of appreciation to the experience to amplify the magnetic attractor. I know this sounds like bullshit, but gratitude is a well-known tactic to bring positive energy into any situation. Being grateful attracts only good things. Have you ever had one of those mornings where everything goes wrong? Your bad mood just attracts more bad news. If that is true, the opposite is also true. 

Step 9. Sit in silence for a few minutes to let the energy of the experience permeate deeper into your consciousness. This allows the energy of your future self to soak into your being on a more subconscious level. 

Step 10.  Do an action in physical reality that brings you closer to achieving your preferred future self.  Think of it as if your thoughts during the meditation is like a computer code that was written to enact the program of you attaining this preferred future.  The code has been written but you still need to press enter for the program to run.  Performing the action in physical reality is like pressing enter for the program to begin.  

This meditation should be done daily or a few times a week. If you keep up with it, positive synchronicities will begin to happen.  It's like a pathway in the programing of life will begin to be formed thus leading you down the path that you trailblazed during the meditation.  Something about being there in your conscious mind first makes it want to come out in our little slice of waking consciousness we call physical reality.  

Happy manifesting, y'all. 

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