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There are multiple ET species within the Lyran System, they will be added as we learn their specifics. This is a more broad overview of the Lyrans as a collective. 

Lyrans were the first to experience a reality similar to what we experience here on Earth. They not only had a similar reality, but lived their lives learning similar lessons as humanity is now. It is said that this is where reincarnation starts. Many of us have probably lived as a Lyran.  

The Lyrans were the original forefathers of humanoid civilization, their culture has evolved for over a billion years while ascending through the densities.


In their earlier periods the Lyrans settled colonies in a myriad of Star systems including ancient earth (in the Scandinavian region) & on mars. The exact dates of these colonies are unknown at this time. Furthermore, because of the nonlinear structure of time outside of 3rd & 4th density & the reality of multiple timelines, exact dates become extremely difficult to pin down. See more on this under the entry - Nature of time.

Young Lyran society tended to be more masculine as they focused heavily on the material world, they were great warriors, builders, architects & pioneers. As they grew & expanded their footprint they became highly polarized on the masculine end of the male/female spectrum. The Lyrans journey through ascension was long and arduous as it took them thousands of generations to balance & integrate the male and female energy. As the first humanoid entities to journey through the densities the Lyrans had no roadmap or other races to guide them as humanity of Earth has today. Because of this their path to ascension was much longer than ours & it was rife with cruelty & darkness.

During this time of struggle, several Lyran colonies on other systems broke away in hopes of creating a better society. One of these breakaway civilizations was the Vegans who, in reaction to the Male-centric Lyrans, created a female dominated culture.


3rd density Lyran Qualities:

Courage, Arrogance, Expansion, Masculine

Depends on specific race & era, 3rd to 6th


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