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A Ghost Encounter (Experiences)

Ghost, Disembodied Spirit, Psychic

From Member: Jan
Pennsylvania , United States,
Date Submitted: 7/28/2021

I moved into the home I live in now 4 years ago. I've moved around a lot in my life but this experience was entirely different. I felt a draw to this place that was like someone was pulling my by the wrist. I've never experienced anything like it. I have a child who died very young and I was convinced it was him. The first night I slept here I woke up in the middle of the night sat straight up and said out loud, there is so much love in this house.


After getting settled I started noticing odd noises for no apparent reason. Specifically, the sound of a cat jumping from a high spot to the hardwood floor. I have a cat but he's outside a lot and I would hear it all the time. One day I was sitting on my sofa and I heard that sound and looked over and my cat was laying on the floor, he looked for the cause of the sound too. Lights would flicker, it's an old house I'd tell myself, old wiring.



A few days later I was vacuuming, stopped and turned off the vacuum then walked around the corner and the vacuum turned on by itself. I thought that's it, I want to look into this. I found a local paranormal society and reached out to them, explained what was going on and just asked for some advice on how to handle it. He asked if they could come and check it out. Four people showed up one night, two of them were psychic's, they brought camera's and special sound equipment. They setup their equipment and spent a few hours here. The psychic's felt the presence, there were more than one and they captured some interesting photo's. Most of the activity was in the basement but there was something about the garage and this one area in the backyard. The psychic said that when she stood in one spot she felt this heavy weight, an indicator of a presence. At one point we were all in the basement and each one of them said they saw the veil and it was open. I had never heard of the veil and can't say that I saw it but definitely felt something like increased air pressure.



All said and done and not to make too long a story of the details, they told me I had some residual spirits that did not cross over. They were harmless and if they acted up they told me to acknowledge them. If they became a nuisance to tell them to stop doing the thing that annoyed me. They also said that they would become active if I did renovations. I followed their advice and rarely even think about it anymore. I have a cool picture of an orb in the basement and some strange ultraviolet, or heat signature pics of the garage they couldn't quite figure out. The lights rarely flicker anymore.

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