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Essessani / Sassani


iEssessani scout craft
Image kindly borrowed from Mufon

The Essassani's are a hybrid The Greys (Also known as the Maz'eh) and human DNA (which itself is an amalgum of other ET races). The Essassani's were created by the Greys in an attempt to save their species as they had become essentially clones of one another incapable of procreating.   The Greys discovered that they had blocked their emotional body & needed an influx of different DNA to move forward in thier civilization. (more about this here) Thus the Essessani are one of the 6 Hybrid races created by the Maz'eh.  The Essesani have a very balanced consciousness and represent the positives of both of the Greys and humanity. One of the most well-known and talkative channeled entities we know of is Essassani and is known as Bashar. Bashar was first channeled by Ayako Sekino in the 80's and then by Darryl Anka, who has been channeling him for the past 30 years. Bashar is a contact specialist who helps other species of ET's to contact with us. The Essassani, aside from the YahYel are the most interactive with humans. 


Essessani beings are fully telepathic and do not use sound to communicate.  Bashar has stated that if a human where brought to the Essessani's planet they would be startled by how quiet everything is as they do not speak verbally.  


High 6th Density


Simalar to a Jedi from Star Wars minus the violence, the essesani are extremely wise and peace-loving.  


The planet of the Essessani is kept in a completely natural state with a few dwellings that are used part time.  The Essessani beings live on ships which hover in the atmosphere of the planet. They have much respect for their planet and only take what they need from it. The Essessani are explorers and knowledge seekers & many of their kind live on ships scattered around other parts of the universe.   

Known Channeled Entities from this species: 
Bashar (via Darryl Anka)

Often times when a human channels an entity, the two have a connected soul. For the sake of simplicity it has been said that Darryl Anka represents a past lifetime of Bashar;  however, this is not exactly the case.  It would be more precise to say that Bashar and Darryl Anka share the same Oversoul.   More particular mechanics behind this soul connection are unclear at this time. 

Anama (connects with Bridget Nielsen via images) 
Anama is an Essessani who helps the Hybrid Children assimilate with Earth. 

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