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These beings are described to us by Frank (as channeled by Tracy Farquhar in her book, "Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom."

The Brahoskin's are a race of ET's from the Macelonix Galaxy, very very far from earth. They do not visit earth physically but are able to transmit their consciousness  through time and space and explore the universe in a third person fashion.

This race is very interesting as they have many parallels with humanity & could represent what our near term future will be like.  They are not as technologically & culturally ahead of humanity as many other ET races & they recently went through a societal wide transformation in which their governments and institutions were remade with a primary focus on unconditional love.  They say (as do many other ET races) that a similar transformation is now taking place on Earth.   

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The Brahoskins planet, named Brahoskin, has much brighter sunlight than earth as the star is much brighter and closer than ours.  The inhabitants live mostly underground and are only able to venture to the surface for short periods.  There is very little surface water on the planet, however they do have access to plenty of subsurface water.  

Other Notable Details

The Brahoskins live in harmony-- they work together when taking care of their homes, preparing meals, and raising children. They say that no one is exempt from these duties, rather, they take turns in order to offer each other time to pursue their passions. They all join together to raise all of the children-- similar to what we (humanity) refers to as "It takes a village." Children are taught from a young age to be self-sufficient and independent to make sure they can handle the the harsh conditions of the planet. Children often make long journeys before they become adults to learn to survive on their own in other locations and situations then the ones they are used to. (Farquhar 14,15)


Known channeled entities from this species:

Frank* (channeled through Tracy Farquhar) Find her website here

(*Frank is a group of entities being channeled through Tracy. They chose the name Frank to simplify things for those who they communicate with.)


Farquhar, Tracy. Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom., 2014.

Find Tracy's book here

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