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Space Supernova
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Complete list of all known* species and details about their kind. This information comes from the best channelers, books, documentaries, and submissions. 

*As we learn more and more, the list gets updated. 

Galactic history & tools to understand the outer limits 

Time isn't how we as humans understand it. Regardless, we do our best to piece together the history of the galaxy. In doing that, we also begin to understand how the Universe works in regards to time and lifetimes. 

tools to connect

Learn about all of the ways you can connect or prepare for contact-- meditation, channeling, past life regressions, lucid dreaming, and remote viewing. 

interviews with top researchers & Channelers

The knowledge & ideas we talk about on this site comes from channeled material.  We want this site to be a library of channeled knowledge where we can learn, discuss & move humanity forward into the 4th density.  


Coming Soon

submit to database

Do you have information you think would fit in to this website? Submit it here to have it entered into the database. 

strange true crime & conspiracy stories

Let's deep dive on cases.

discuss in the forum

Check out our forum to see what people are talking about. UFO sighting? Strange lights in the sky? Cool new book? Government says UFO's are real? Talk about all of it here. All chatter is welcome and appreciated. 

help us grow

If you would like to see more of this content, please consider donating. 

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