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The Arcturians


The Arcturians are light beings primarily who currently reside in the higher densities where they no longer incarnate into physical bodies.  According to the Density Scale (explained by the entity Ardif), the Arcturians are within the 9th density & make up part of the Milky Way Galaxy collective consciousness.  They separated from source energy before physical reality separated.  Humanity has often referred to Arcurians as Angels, as their appearance in our reality can be very angelic.


Arcturians have a group consciousness. However, they may be experienced by humans as individuals, this is just to aid in the human's ability to sense the Arcturian energy.

Arcturian energy is felt by humans as a sense of deep unconditional love.  This energy has great healing potential and has the ability to open & unblock the heart leading to emotional healing. 


The Arcturians reside in the 9th Density

The Arcturian Bridge is a mechanism or portal that is used by souls crossing into and out of physical reality.  Many NDE reports speak of a wonderful loving feeling felt by those who are crossing over,  this may be due to the Arcturian energy being felt as the soul crosses the Arcturian Bridge. 

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